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For me, its not about politics, its about home. 


Its about our potted roads and crumbling bridges, our foster care crisis and our teacher shortage.  Its about the ever-growing list of  serious problems in West Virginia that have left us with few opportunities, stagnant small business growth, and a bleeding population.  In the last five years alone, more than 60,000 West Virginians have left home.

I was raised to believe that serious problems demand serious solutions, and like so many of our friends and neighbors,  I don't understand how some of our elected officials can't see that.  Instead of working towards better days for all West Virginian families, time is wasted legislating to political talking points and writing bills meant to weaken the WV Jobs Act, erode property rights, strip workplace protections, and even take control away from our local governments.  

And so another year passes. the potholes grow deeper, our families continue to struggle, and we're left watching as more of friends and children leave for greener pastures.   As a mother and a teacher, this saddens me deeply.  I am greatly concerned for our children's future; will they have any opportunities here?

I think we can all agree, West Virginia needs problem-solvers.  We need more true public servants, those who are dedicated to putting our state and our neighbors first.   

I see a better  West Virginia; a thriving West Virginia where our workforce, our roads, our schools, and our children are our top priorities.  There is no better time than now for growth and opportunity.  


Now is the time to put West Virginians First. 

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