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When we develop and support legislation that
puts West Virginians first, we'll stop being last. 

Prioritize Roads & Broadband

With 2/3 of all state residents living in rural areas, West Virginia can't afford not to prioritize rural development, starting with the safety of our secondary roads and broadband expansion.  

Despite years of tax initiatives and investment, it's clear by the roads we drive and the crumbling bridges our school busses cross that our infrastructure has been ignored for years.   It's hard to cheerlead a state surplus when our roads and bridges are safety hazards, and our infrastructure ranks last in the country.   


Studies show that sound infrastructure, including broadband, is the driving force of economic growth and development; we cannot expect to draw opportunity without investment.

Now is the time to prioritize access to reliable, high-speed internet and dependable cellular coverage for all rural communities; it's time to ensure that any job can be performed anywhere in West Virginia and, regardless of location, emergency services can always be contacted when needed.

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